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Hijabi On A Budget | Heart Hijab "Try On"

Heart Hijab

    With more and more women coming into the faith (Islam) alhumdulillah, we are seeing a rise is women wearing hijab. This also means that we are seeing hijab companies popping up all over. Unfortunately, many companies have taken advantage of the fact that women will find a way to spend a fortune on the simplest of hijabs. Which in many cases may be seen as un Islamic, as we should follow a certain level of morality when conducting business, this includes pricing products. Of course we do need to take into consideration that there are women out there designing their own hijabs, using high quality materials ect. which should be respected and understood when seeing a high price in a scarf. But for the most part many hijab store owners purchase their hijabs at wholesale or in markets where prices may be very low. Because of this, charging $20.00 for a scarf that in reality may have cost $3-5.00 just seems unfair. 

Many woman who decide to wear the hijab do not initially have much money to invest in them. Also, many families don't possess the income to purchase $20-40.00 hijabs, which can make a new hijabi feel overwhelmed or insecure because of limited selection. Hijab is not always easy, so having a variety of scarves, in my opinion helps a woman feel that she can be versatile and comfortable when wearing one. Alhumdulillah. 

This brings me to Heart Hijab...

Heart Hijab is a husband/wife team in the UK who have dedicated their time to providing hijabs to women at the MOST inexpensive price possible. The owner states "We want covering up not to cost our sisters, so they can do what Allah tells us, without it being a burden financially and look modestly beautiful..."
Heart Hijab offers a free hijab with purchases above 23 pounds...(approximately $38.00) They also offer flat rate cheap international shipping, offering free US shipping for larger orders over 80 pounds (approximately $119.00)

MashAllah, I just love Heart Hijabs business ethic. So if you are a Hijabi on a budget, please go check out Heart Hijab on their social medias, listed below.

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