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ColourPop Eyeshadow


Back of the "ColourPop" post card
A personalized note with your purchase is a great touch!
ColourPop Packaging
Love that ColourPop is animal friendly, and testing is done on humans.
So of course, being a YouTuber and a makeup lover, I couldn't help but to hear about ColourPop shadows. These are cream to powder shadows that are great applied with your fingers. I love that they were able to really pick up on pigment and glitter without all the fall out. I watched a few reviews on YouTube and had to order some for myself. At $5.00 each, you just cant go wrong. The toughest part was picking out only 7 shadows haha.

Here is a list of the shadows I purchased with swatches. Keep in mind I am pretty fair and shooting in front of two soft box lights. These colors may appear differently on your skin tone, but I doubt you will be disappointing. I had to search the internet for swatches myself to narrow down my selection. So, I thought I'd help out some future ColourPop costumers with mine.


#1 "So Quiche"

"So Quiche" Link

#2 "I Heart This"

"I Heart This" Link

#3 "Sequin"

"Sequin" Link

Unfortunately this shadow was broken :( WHAA!

#4 "Get Lucky"

"Get Lucky" Link

#5 "Dare"

"Dare" Link

#6 "Cricket"

"Cricket" Link

#7 "Bubbly"

"Bubbly" Link


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