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Blogger With No Photographer #OOTD

So, we have all been there...
Well if your a fashion blogger or simply love to post you'r awesome #OOTD

It's that moment you wish you could be outside, in a field of flowers like a Victoria Secret model, frolicking in sunflowers and daisies...But instead, it's 7:00 pm on a Sunday night, sun is going down, and your "photographer" aka husband/brother/friend refuses to take your photo. So, you set your camera up in a room with a horrible background that does nothing for your outfit, hoping you can get a few good photos in...

This is my life! haha

Hijab from:
 I love this scarf. It is a beautiful cool toned cotton mix. It is great with neutrals, and has an unfinished edge which softens it even more. The print reminds me of one of those beautiful Asian watercolor paintings...Just lovely! I do have another photo of me wearing this hijab on my blog if you'd like to see it styled just a bit differently. Awra Hijabs | One Of My Favorite Hijab Companies

I love to play around with color when it comes to makeup. 
I think there are fun, and easy ways to still be modest, and girly with makeup. 
This was a look I did with some light turquoise shades and a nice warm transition for the crease. 
I paired it with a warm neutral lipstick called "Velvet Teddy" from MAC.
I did my makeup before I knew what to wear, so I actually didn't intend for it to match with my hijab, but it ended up matching beautifully.

Chelsey's Makeup Tip:

Some people may say you shouldn't match your makeup to your clothing...Hmmm I say "WHO CARES!?" Makeup is supposed to be fun, and express your personal style. I love to match my makeup to my scarf in particular (if printed, like this one) It is all about editing...and I don't mean in photos. Match lightly, and remember more is not always better...if you want to use colors, be light handed and don't overdue it. Your not going to a drag show or a rave, so just don't go crazy. We don't want to look like "ladies of the night"...feel me? haha 

(Coloring in this photo may appear a bit differently
due to contrast and brightness editing to help bring out the color)

I paired my beautiful Awra Hijab with this laced crochet top from Lucky Brand in Macy's. Since the shirt is a bit transparent I had to wear a white long sleeved shirt underneath. I have recently fallen in love with +YazTheSpaz89 turtlenecks. She offers them for $15.00 on her website. 

My jeans are also from Lucky Brand. I just love the feeling of their denim. Yes, they are a bit pricey, but they are the kind of jeans you keep forever. I just can't get enough of their boyfriend cut. They are looser around the thighs which is great for modesty. It's the skinny without the suction haha.

I originally wanted to wear high heels, but I like to be quirky every once and awhile. I think these lace embellished shoes do just that. I purchased these "CA" By Carrini on Haute Look for under $35.00 if I remember correctly. 

Don't forget to check out my YouTube video for this look in motion. 

Click on me! YouTube Video

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