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2 Years Of Wearing The Hijab | Question and Answer

So with all of the questions asked on Instagram, I couldn't decide which questions to answer, and which ones not to answer. So I thought it would be a good idea to answer some on YouTube, and the rest here on my blog. Go check to see if your question was answered. (If your question was the same as another, than I will obviously not answer twice) I hope you enjoy this, and don't miss out on my YouTube video.
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Questions asked:
(Red means YouTube Questions answered)

Maz786x- what inspired you to wear the hijab?

Rianiabu- was it an easy transition?
- AlhumdulAllah I do feel like it was easy for the most part. I think the most difficult thing was converting my wardrobe, and getting used to all the fabric. Growing up in shorts and tank tops didnt prepare me for how hot a scarf can be around your neck in 98 degree weather.

Mariamwardak- was it hard at first to get used to it?
- Again alhumdulAllah, not as much as it may be for some and maybe more than others. I started out showing my neck and slowly transitioned to covering it. Sometimes I wished I would have waited a bit longer to cover my neck, but overall I am happy that I cover it for the most part. (I do wear loose hijab styles that may show the top portion of my neck, due to the heat, and being comfortable.)

Sonomnomnomn- what did you think of the hjab before you wore it?
- I actually didn't think much of it. I didn't grow up with woman wearing it around me and besides a few Muslim girls I knew who didn't wear it, I kinda thought it was for older woman. I didnt think it was oppressive or ugly at all alhumdulAllah. It was simply something I was admittedly ignorant about. It wasnt until I started looking into Islam that I began having opinions about it.

Aroojhussain98- how long did it take u to decide to finally wear it?
- Well I actually wore hijab for the first time before I even converted. I wore it from then on, off and on. I'd wear it with my Arab friends and out and about when I was in the mood. I was really just trying to get used to it. I wanted to make sure I could do it. I almost felt that, if I couldn't wear the hijab eventually at least than converting may not be the best choice. I wanted to dive face first and understand and love all aspects of Islam.

Sunsine24- did you ever think youd never wear the hijab? Would you ever go back to not wearing it?

Tarynhumaira- how did your family react to you wearing the hijab? If you got negative comments how did you deal with it?
- I think they were simply ignorant of everything and anything that had to do with Islam. I believe at times many people who fall ignorant of Islam in particular at times associate hijab with oppression, and or something negative and unwanted, even as Muslim woman. Of course as hijabi woman we know that most woman chose to wear it, and enjoy it. It becomes apart of our identity as a Muslim woman. So whatever my families reaction they have come to accept my choice alhumdullah. 
When it came to dealing with negativity, that was easy for me. Im stubborn, optimistic and can easily blow things off. haha At times this can be bad, but its served me well in my transition to becoming a better person. 

Aniseelliottneilson- how do you feel being a westerner wearing hijab? Any typical questions or comments?
- Oh goodness you should go watch my video (click for link) Muslim Converts Most Asked Questions (YouTube Video) I get asked the silliest stuff sometimes. Most of the tie I just laugh it off, and other times I end up in a nice conversation giving dawah to the other person. AlhumdulAllah I believe I was able to help a few people look at Muslims a bit differently simply because I respectfully answered some of there ignorant questions. Also I'm not sure if I feel any different being a western Muslim wearing the hijab than say an Arab or Pakistani ect. I simply see myself as a woman, a Muslim woman, who has chosen to wear hijab in a world that doesn't always understand it. 

Exotic_sloth- did you find people treating you differently?
- Yes...for the most part in a positive way. Of course I get my weird looks and silly questions, but overall I feel that the treatment from others are positive. Especially when it comes to men. Men treat me with a bit more respect, which is very refreshing.

_bibian- how did you find islam? When you started wearing hijab did you feel like you wernt ready to commit?
- Go check out my (click for the link) How I Converted To Islam (YouTube Video) 
Yes I do believe there was a time that I didn't think I could commit. I think thats why women who decide to be a part time hijabi in the beginning deserve our respect and support rather than our disapproval and hate. Its very important for us as Muslim women to be positive that the decision we are making is good for ourselves, No one else has to live our life. So I took my time, but even still may have jumped into it too fast. I was just excited and I wanted to do it for me, for Allah swt. 

Gjaax- what advice would you give to aspiring hijabis that you learnt during the transition?
- Educate yourself, take your time. Make sure that its something you want, and not something you feel pressured to do. Have fun with it. Allow yourself to love hijab in any way you can. Lastly, love it, rock it and be confident. This will make wearing hijab much more enjoyable. Remember Allah swt wants us to try. Allah swt knows we are not always perfect in our actions, so we must do our best and hope our intentions are always in the best place inshAllah.

Missed on YouTube- Rabiaadi- what advice will you have for your future daughter inshAllah when it comes to wearing the hijab?
- I think I would tell her to be herself. I pray I may be the mother that allows her to understand her Islamic responsibilities, but also finds ways to express herself in a non harmful manner. So if that means putting hijab off for a bit, with understanding she should sooner than later, than I accept that as her journey. My job as a Mother is to educate, support, and love them unconditionally among other things. but I cant make her choices for her. So, inshAllah she can she me and other strong, independent and confidant hijabi woman and grow up to love hijab and want hijab to be apart of her life...inshAllah

Noorrrx33- Missed on YouTube- did I have a lot of hijabs before or did I have to buy tons?  Was it hard changing your wordrobe? How did your friends react to it? Were you treated differently? Was it hard to match your hijabs to your outfits?
- No I didnt have any really. I had a few thin scarfs to wrap around my hair and add on as a little neck wrap. So I went to my local flea market (swap meet) and found a scarf stand. She was selling 4 for $20.00 I thought it sounded like a decent deal so I bought a thin black, light aqua, black floral and a square skull scarf. That was all I had for a long time. After my first Ramadan, I decided I finally wanted to wear it for good, so I went onto Pearl Daisy and made a large order. That same week I believe I started my YouTube channel. 
It was and it wasn't. I think that fashion for a hijabi is very different than main stream fashion. Of course fashion has no limits, and its universal, but there can be much more to hijabi fashion...layers, hijab guidelines ect. It can be difficult to adjust to when growing up in Florida where its hot and humid. My fashion sense was formed around skin, and how to make your your body look slimming, and stay cool...think Miami. So I was having to convert a somewhat exposing wardrobe to a more modest one. I had to learn to be fashionable for myself while being modest. And for that its a matter of finding modest clothing that works for you. Modest clothing that fits your lifestyle and who you are. Its important to feel comfortable and happy in what your wearing or else you may not enjoy dressing modestly. After 2 years, I'm finally started to find out what kind of clothes I enjoy wearing modestly and how to wear them. My hijabi style is definitely a bit diff than before.

Toraayesha- was it difficult to find clothes that worked with hijab and still looked cute? How can you alter your wordrobe?

Nos.ah- in Arabic?

Sweet stone designs- what was the first day of wearing hijab? How did you feel the first time stepping out into the world?

Yasmeenarslan- explain how hijab did not take away from your personality…
- You know I cant say that it didn't. That is me being honest. But listen, its about what and why it was taken away. I think many reverts in particular come from very different up bringing and lifestyle choices than born Muslims. Maybe some of the things we choose to do as teenagers and adults helped to transform us into the God fearing Muslims we are today. Now in some cases people surrounding you may miss these parts of your personality, but whats important is that you feel happy that you are a better person. For example, I was very, very light hearted. To the point of feeling that I had no care in the wold. But now as a Muslim, I understand that there are things I can do and things I should avoid. As a chosen hijabi, there are also certain things I have chosen to abide by, because my past allowed me to understand many things Allah swt asks of us within Islam alhumdulAllah. So hijab did take away from my personality to a point, but its more so the conversion of my non religious self to my religious self...it wasn't simply hijab. If my faith in Allah swt serves me well than inshallah its all for the better. I am happy so that's whats important.

Dima_wehbe- if your husband asked you to take it off would you?

Alemperez2205- were you worried about people acting violently towards you for the hijab? Has
anyone acted towards you with prejudice?
- No I wasn't. I always see the good in people. I pray that people are not so hateful and ignorant to do something violent to a woman who has done nothing to them. Now of course we have all seen that this of course is not always the case, but I put my faith in Allah swt to keep me and my family safe. 
Its not so much they they acted with prejudice, but ignorance. It was once and it was at the store I worked at. A young man told me to go back to my country. I laughed ha ha ha...

Jannahxjo_- how has hijab affected the way people treat you in a positive way?

_courtneyh- how did your husband feel when you started wearing hijab?

Alisharadhia-do you now realize or look back at any misconceptions you may have had about hijab?
- Not really. I don't think I am the type of person to have many negetive opinions on something I am unfamiliar with. So for me, opinions grew as my knowledge grew. AlhumdulAllah I always tried to understand why from the source, So misconceptions I may have had were far and in between. 

Samcourt8- did you ever have a hijab malfunction in public? Did you ever forget to not wear the hijab running outta the door? What was the most difficult thing? Family? Work? Time? People, commitment? Letting go of your old self and how did you overcome?

Soniaawan- is it hard to wear hijab in the usa?

Spazzyyazz- did wearing hijab help you to have a spiritual change?

Watermeloncrush- which hijab do you wear the most?
- I am not sure...I want to say my peach or light grey blue hijab from (click for link) Awra Hijabs They are just beautiful, simple hijabs, but the colors are lovely.

Aidatm_- which is the most positive and negative experience you’ve had?
- Positive would be the time an old woman stopped me as I was walking to the car to ask about why I wore the hijab. It was so random, but she told me how lovely she thought I was, and how I've inspired her to look into Islam. I also cant leave here with out mentioning all of the amazing positive experiences I have had with many of you ladies. AlhumdulAllah And I actually haven't had such a negative experience that it sticks out n my thoughts. I am sure there is one, but I like to focus on the positive. 

Laylaazoee- do you miss wearing your hair out and styling it?

Nuralailalovfans- what people say to you about your tattoos? Am I too young to wear hijab?

Lorenalasirena- is it hard to wear it in the summer with extreme heat in florida? Do you cope with 3 quarter sleeves shorts or capris? Has it impacted your life in an overall positive manner?

Imansolic- in the future will you have your own hijab shop, meet and greets and fashion shows?

Chelseyhijablovefans- have some people judged you? Do you have respect wearing it? How is feeling? Do you feel connection with Allah?
- I am sure people have udged me, but thankfully most judgment has been unheard by my ears so I am unaware of it, which is better. No one likes being judged. Yes, I feel respect when I wear it. Not only for myself but I see respect from others. Hijab has given me a feeling of confidence within myself. I finally feel like who I am inside is represented by my modest, but fun dress now. It also feels good to know you are doing something that pleases Allah swt. I do think hijab helps me to always have that connection with Allah swt. 

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