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Going Green

Salam and Ramadhan Mubarak to my lovely readers!:) Hope you are all having a blessed Ramadhan with your loved ones, insyaAllah.

Recently I joined the Lebaran Preloved Party at Wonder Wordrobe, Shah Alam. I just had to clear out my closet because there was just too much stuff, the OCD in me couldn't bear it. So what better way to de-clutter and give the chance to someone else to own my pre-loved stuff than a preloved sale:)

It was a fun event and Alhamdulillah almost all my stuff was sold out and reached good hands. I needed to wear something really comfortable during the event so I wore this gorgeous (breastfeeding-friendly!) Fatima dress from KimisOnWeb.

I absolutely love this dress because it's both breastfeeding-friendly and wudu'-friendly. It has a hidden zipper in the front and also on the sleeves. Crafted using dull satin and lace, the dress is light and comfortable and comes with full lining.

Available in pink, mint green, mocha and peach. Mine is mint green. The actual colour is more to the first photo below. I don't know why in the other photos it look like lime green ombre, must be the lighting!

With fellow bloggers Suri, Lyna, Maria, Nurul(owner of NWW) and Adrianai.

Thank you to everyone who came and Nurul of NWW for organizing the event!:)
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Till then!xx

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