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Eid Inspiration // Last Minute Looks

So for my last minute friends, I decided to put a post together that would help you come up with an outfit if you haven't had time in Ramadan. You can easily put some cute looks together with items already in your closet!! I wasn't able to shoot a new outfit for you but here are some of my previous outfits that are so perfect for Eid!!

1) Statement Look

This is definitely a easy last minute look to put together. I actually am wearing something similar to this but instead with palazzo pants. If your desi, you know these kurtas are the best and all you need is a statement necklace. Forever 21, H&M and Zara have some really cute ones that you can buy even today. For my non desi folk, forever and zara have some similar long shirts. Also if you have those famous long sleeve dresses from Forever last year, this would be a perfect time to wear them!!

Statement Necklace: H&M, Zara

2) Black and White Ensemble 

If you really aren't a color person and want it keep it neutral, then this is the look for you! I know you have a black skirt in your closet and a white top. You can pair it with any color hijab of your choice and a statement clutch to go. With this look, wear some cute shoes and bright lipstick and it'll really make the outfit pop for Eid :)
Similar skirt
Similar shirt: Forever 

3) Summer Lace

Here's a an easy outfit for my casual laid back folks. I know we've collected some colorful skirts over the years. Pair it with a fun lace top and a tan belt. The key to this outfit is to accessorize: watch, rings, the belt and lastly the bag. The bag really makes this look pop. Although my family goes all out for Eid, most people like to keep it simple. If so, this is perfect for you! 
Similar skirt
Similar:  Forever and H&M 

hope you enjoyed and hope it helped! 
Eid Mubarak :)

with love,

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