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Fashionably Pregnant

My entire life, I fought against my body issues. Being fat one minute, and skinny the next, I never was very happy with my little chubby belly. So becoming pregnant was a bitter sweet moment for me. On one hand, I was saying "Woohoo, I can finally be fat and not care!" But than there was the "fat girl" in me saying "Oh sh*t! I'm not going to look cute in any of my clothes, my husbands going to think I'm gross, and I'm going to look like a beached whale in a hijab."

I noticed that the bigger I got, the more excited I was to actually get even bigger. It was the true excitement of knowing my babies growing. Unfortunately, those first few months are the moments people look at you and think..."Is she pregnant, or just fat?" I know you know what I am talking about. We all have thought it haha.

I needed to find some way to feel good about myself, as my body was making this huge change to becoming a vessel for my baby, a source of shelter, and nourishment for this beautiful creation Allah swt had blessed my husband and I with.

It was then I decided to start finding ways to be fashionable while being pregnant. I believe one of the best things a woman can do for her inner confidence is to enjoy the way she looks. Now whether this means working out to be fit, getting your hair done, putting on that fun hot pink lipstick you've been dying to wear, or dressing yourself up in a cool outfit that makes you feel like a fashion guru; I am all for it.

Come along with me as I show you some of my favorite outfits while I was pregnant...

The first outfit in this look book, is one of my favorites. I was trolling on Instagram, and saw this trendy tattooed chick, rocking this black sweater with floral sleeves. I couldn't get over how much I loved it. I searched all over Google for "black London floral sweater". Finally, I found two online stores that carried it. One store was out of stock, and the other store, Chic Nova was a "one size" option which I hated, but....I HAD to have this sweater. (Estimated cost $25.00 + free shipping)

I paired this outfit with my beautiful, soft coral hijab from Awra Hijabs I though it matched beautifully, and was a funner option than just going with black.

My pants are acid washed maternity jeans from Motherhood Maternity They have that fun soft stretchy material that covers your belly for comfort. I held out on buying maternity jeans until I truly had to. Honestly, if I had known how comfortable they felt around my stomach, I would have bought some sooner.

Lastly, I paired this outfit with one of my favorite pair of boots. I bought these "Bc" boots almost 4 years ago at Saks Fifth Avenue These boots are a mixture of black leather and fabric, with a floral lining on the inside. They are definitely my style. A little toughness and street, with a little girly and chicness.

For my makeup, I wanted to achieve something that was both street style and girly. So I decided to do a cut crease eyeshadow look, with a winged eyeliner and a splash of glitter. To finish off this look, I pinked up my cheeks and added a fun pink matte lipstick. 

(For more details on my makeup, click on my YouTube video, Get Ready With Me)

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