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Bubblegum Love

Juhd's already 10 months Alhamdulillah!<3
Yesterday I attended one of my ex-uia studiomate wedding at KL Tower. It was indeed a very happening wedding. Quick shoutout to Naju & her spouse, may you have a blessed marriage filled with love and joy. And may Allah grant you pious offspring who will become the coolness of your eyes, ameeen!<3

I have been looking forward to attend this wedding since I couldn't wait to wear my gorgeous-ice-crean-adorned jelly shoes which smells of bubblegum! I got this exclusive Melissa+Karl Lagerfeld heels from none other than FashionValet

The shoes are without a doubt the most comfortable pair of heels I've ever owned. I also love how the design makes my huge duck feet look tiny! Major Love!! I wore a pink-themed outfit with a lace top! Ah-ha! Surprised? I know, it's so not me. LOL. But because I love you Naju, and you're the bride, I shed my edgy image for this oh-so-girly look! hehe anything for the bride they say!^_^

My scrumpious heels!
Please ignore my upside down clutch.(Pregnancy brain alert)

 Till then!xx Ramadhan's just around the corner! Let's gather some stamina from now to increase our ibadah, insyaAllah. Don't wait till the last minute kay?:))  

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