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Because I'm Happy

Hey girlfriendsssss! How's it going...? Okay first off, I have some exciting news to share - I'm 10 weeks pregnant with baby number 2, Alhamdulillah:) Please keep me in your duaas and pray for the health of both baby and me, jazakallah khair!!

Alright, moving on...I recently got my hands on some lovely MILKTEE pieces. My first pick was this striped sweater. Don't be fooled though, it only looks thick but it's actually very light and comfortable to wear in hot weather. I'm a breastfeeding mommy, so I'm very picky when it comes to breastfeeding-friendly attire. It has either got to have buttons in front, or something that I can easily roll up like this sweater. And of course, you can never go wrong with stripes because they just never get old!

On the other hand, I picked this skirt simply because of it's beautiful color!(plus i don't have a lot of stuff in orange so yeah) The skirt is made of cotton and very comfortable for all sizes because it has a stretchable waistband.

I've gotten bored with a lot of other colors so I thought I'd try a different color combo than what I'm used to. The trick with bright colors is to keep everything else minimal. In this case I went with nude tones and a statement necklace just to add a little sparkle!:p

I wanted to get more pieces from the website because all items are super affordable! Haha. Don't believe me? Check it out for yourself! They are even updating the website with new items on 2nd May, you wouldn't want to miss that!

Oh and for my lovely blog readers, just simply key in the code , AISHAH10 , and you are entitled with 10% discount! You're welcome!:)


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Instagram : @milkteeclothing

Till then!xx

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