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Indian Princess

Did I ever tell you that I'm a big fan of headpieces? I rarely wear them unless I find one that is reaaaaallly beautiful and looks suitable with the hijab. Like the one I made and wore on my wedding night!:) But recently I discovered Ameemoo, an online shop that sells handmade accessories ranging from brooches,to hijab pins, to shawls and clutches and so much more! I have 3 headpieces from Ameemoo all together which I will blog about soon insyaAllah!

This headpiece in particular is kind of Indian-inspired but can be suited with any traditional attire,me thinks! Felt like an Indian princess wearing this piece! hehe what do you ladies think?

You can also find them on :

Website : Ameemoo.com

Facebook : Ameemoodotcom

Instagram : @ameemoodotcom

Till then!xx

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