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How It Begins...

so it started about a week ago when me, Shella (@shellaalaztha), Tata (@thataljundiah) and Dwi Handa (@dwihandaanda) went to Gandaria City to have Evening Girl's Talk with Dian Pelangi and sister Lulu Elhasbu while having dinner at Marugame Udon. actually I doubt to join because I should be on selling at the same time but you know, what else can I do? I could never resist you, Dian :'(

after had a very looooooong talk with the girls so I got the point why I should be exist not only on Instagram, but on Blog too. but sorry I probably can't tell you what's happening but I hope you enjoy every single messy words I write hoho.

by the way these are my look on that day

taken by @dwihandaanda (Instagram)
location: Tokyo 1 Store, Gandaria City

about this look, many people told me that in this shot I looked really similar to my sister (@anggunbossy) cos of the hijab style plus that fake geek glasses. well Anggun do love use this style as her daily hijab style pfffttt.

and oh, I madly in love with this scarf. this is Anggun's (but we like to share any things to wear together but not always), I dunno where she gets this gorgeous one but all I know the fabric of this scarf if veeeeeery comfortable plus that fur (I call it "rawis")! most of all I love how the scarf wrapped my head to be really get volumed cos the length almost 2m and also the width. 

FYI, I always fail doing hijab tutorial like this. trying really hard so many times but I never make it. but since Tata helped me now this style becomes one of my fave hijab style and just recognised that this one definetly suits my face shape! thanks Tata :)

Scarf by @fixpose (Instagram)
Sateen Plain White Shirt by Shabilia (MUSE 101)
Long Coat by @minimallis (Instagram)
Pencil Skirt by @iymelsayshijab (Instagram)
Bag by ZARA
Shoes by New Balance

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