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What's Your Favorite Hijab Style?

Today in the Malaysian fashion scene, we have definitely witnessed the rise of 'hijab fashionistas' or more precisely 'hijabsters' who are getting more and more credit for their funky style and unique approach on modest fashion.

A few years ago, if you walked in the streets of KL you'd probably only see only one or two 'hijabi' ladies in a 'shawl' and the rest would all be wearing 'bawal' because at that time, hijab fashion had not become as popular as it is today. Nowadays you can find dozens of hijab types in a variety of colours and designs like the instant hijab, shawl, pashmina, hoojab, and so much more. So it's also not a surprise that online shops are blooming like mushrooms all over the internet.

To make things even more convenient, if you purchase a certain hijab type and don't know how to wear it, you can simply click on YouTube and find tutorials on every hijab style there is. Also, if you're an instagram user, you can always search the hashtag 'hijabtutoial' and loads of hijab pictorials will appear. It's that easy.

Having said all that, it is essential to note that whatever style of hijab you wear, always remember that faith comes before fashion. We all know that it's only natural for every women to want to feel pretty, just remember every time you step out of the house in your hijab, do make sure it's modest and that it covers our aurah properly(reminder for myself too). Btw, If any of you are looking for new beautiful hijabs, you can check out the new collection at www.zalora.com.my. Or better yet, go straight to the hijab section HERE :)

Personally I like wearing what us Malays like to call 'pashmina'. Although sometimes it gets too hot for that so my second option would be chiffon shawls (the non-transparent, wide ones). As for my fave hijab style, I usually wear the easiest and quickest pin-and-lilit style. But I'll change it up once in while if I have special occasions to attend.

Tell me what's your favorite hijab type/style?! :)

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