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Soft Kitty Warm Kitty

Salam lovelies! Sorry for my lack of updates, guess I've been enjoying the holiday season a little too much ey? ^_~ Anyways, I'm back to blogging and outfit posts as usual! Today's look features this super sweet maxi dress from A'kina Islamic Clothing. The dress comes with a detachable sash which you can adjust according to your preference. The material is lycra. Now I know what you're thinking, -->" Lycra? lycra will enhance too much of my body shape esp. the bum which makes it not so modest" That's why I'm here to give you some tips on how to avoid that! 

Modest style tip : when wearing a garment made of lycra, wear a thick/rough-textured skirt underneath. It will act as good "kain dalam" and at the same time makes the lycra not stick to your bum/thighs! I usually wear a denim skirt underneath because it's not that irritating compared to other thick materials in hot weather. 

Best part is that the dress makes me look thinner(haha!) with or without the sash because it has a nice A-line kinda cutting. Also the sleeves are easy for wudu' and also it's breast feeding-friendly(a lot of other dresses on the site are too!). Score!

Oh and Juhd just turned 5 months today! Alhamdulillah he's a happy healthy little baby boy masyaAllah:) He's already very good at rolling over and 'mengesot' and saying "da da da da..da..". His first word ever was "abah" (means dad in Malay) Juhd, you should say "mama" soon ok! hehe either way mummy loves yoouuu my little pumpkin!! ^_^ *mmmuahhh!!*

^hubby's idea of a cute photo. LOL. I guess it's a guy thing.

A'kina Islamic Clothing 
Instagram : @akinaislamicclothing

Anyways, till then!!xx

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