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Little Miss Sunshine

So I was scrolling through my blog and I was like "My goodness, what on earth happened to my blog? Even I'm bored reading it. And my pictures kinda suck." *desperately needs new camera*


After having Juhd(Alhamdulillah, I enjoy every second being a mom) I haven't had much time any time for blogging really. I kinda have to 'curik2' a.k.a steal time to blog. With my busy schedule, the only time I get to blog is when he's asleep/naptime(which btw isn't that long) or when my husband's watching him(that doesn't last long either coz eventually I'd have to breastfeed him anyway). It takes a lot of effort to blog especially when you are a mom. I'm not complaining, it's just that I feel a little sad that my blog is slowly becoming distant to me. Sob sob. T_T

Anyways, enough about that. Today's look features a fresh new color combo of bright yellow, chocolate and dark green! My beautiful dress is from A'kina Islamic Clothing. The dress is top half made of lace with full lining and it is breast feeding friendly because it has a zipper from the waist up. Bottom half is made up of comfy cotton. Definitely something unique and modest!

Do check out the new arrivals on the website, they are to die for! :D

A'kina Islamic Clothing
Instagram : @akinaislamicclothing

Till then!xx

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