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Beautiful Bridal or Special Occasions Look

Getting ready for a special occasion can be so much fun, but it can also be stressful for some people. We ask ourselves, "What do I wear?" "How dramatic do I go with my makeup?" "Dark lips?" "False eyelashes?" "Should it match my outfit?" and "Can I do it myself?"

I am a firm believer in easy, and natural beauty looks. I just feel that the best looks for all special occasions, whether prom, a holiday party, or even a wedding is a beautiful, natural look that enhances your beauty. Sometimes for special occasions, us women think "Yay, here is my chance to go all out!" Although that is true in some cases, not everyone can pull off that wild "Arabic eye makeup" or colorful shadows with tons of glitter and a double winged eyeliner. It also may not be appropriate for many celebrations, depending on your culture and/or religious beliefs.

In my experience with modeling and Cosmetology, makeup can be its most beautiful when done in a way to enhance the natural beauty of a woman. You never want someone to say "Oh whow, what beautiful makeup." But instead say "Oh whow, look how beautiful YOU look." Its simple...does the makeup wear you? Or do you wear the makeup? I took this from competing in USA Beauty Pageants. We all wanted the most beautiful dress with crystals, but the minute we walked on stage, we needed those judges to see us, not our dress. There is always that happy medium of wearing something beautiful, but you staying the focal point.

For this makeup look, I wanted to stay true to my classic look. This look mixes modesty, with light glamour.

To achieve this beautiful look, you may choose to use the same amazing Makeup Geek eyeshadows I did, or find shadows that are similar in color.

For the foundation application I used a lightweight and medium coverage foundation and concealer with my beautyblender.

Visit my beautyblender review at: http://chelseyhijablove.blogspot.com/2013/11/my-little-pink-sponge-review-on.html

Foundation: L'Oreal True Match Lumi in colors "N1-2" and "W3"

Concealer: Maybelline Lumi in the color "Ivory"
(Concealer may be added directly after foundation, but I prefer to add in after my eyeshadow application, to blend out any fall out that may have happened.) The concealer is added in a triangle shape from the tear duct, to the temple and diagonally down to the nose and up again to the tear duct. See diagram ---->

After applying your foundation you will do the eyes and eyebrows (eyebrows are optional) Here are the products I used to achieve this look:

Eyeshadow base: Sigma's Eyeshadow base in the color "Persuade" 
Rub this onto your eye to create a neutral base for your eyeshadow. A base also helps the eyeshadow to adhere to the eye better, prevent creasing, and it allows for better pigmentation.

Eyebrows: Sonia Kasuk Eyebrow pencil in the color "Taupe"
Fill in eyebrow lightly for a more natural look. Again, eyebrows are optional and not necessary.

Eyeshadow: All the eyeshadows I used are Makeup Geek Eyeshadows with the exception of Urban Decay "Oil Slick" This is the black eyeshadow I used to contour the outsides.
Makeup Geek Eyeshadow used:
- Creme Brule
- Cosmopolitan
- Cocoa Bear
- Shimma Shimma

Using "Creme Brule", I lightly buffed this into my crease and outer corner to create a base color for blending. Than I added the "Cosmopolitan" to my entire lid. Leave the inner corner out though, as we add Shimma Shimma to that area as a highlight directly after. After adding the highlight, use "Cocoa Bear" directly into the crease. Avoid going above or below the crease. We are only using this color as a light contour and blending color for the black eyeshadow. Lastly, use Urban Decay's "Oil Slick" to add depth to the outer corner and outside crease. Blend in a rounder shape verses a winged shape. You want to bring the black eyeshadow directly into the outside corner, making a "V" shape to your eyelashes. Add lightly, and blend upward, just a bit. Blend with "Creme Brule" in between application of "Oil Slick" to achieve the desired look.

After applying the eyeshadow, you will want to line your top eyelashes with a black eyeliner.

Eyeliner: Maybelline Eyeliner Gel in "Blackest Black"
You can also use a liquid or pencil, but I prefer gel.

Apply the eyeliner in a round shape, not a wing. We want to keep the eyes soft. Adding a wing makes the eyes look a bit darker and intensifies the look in comparison. We simply want to darken the upper eyelash area to give the effect of fuller lashes, and create an area for our false lashes to go. (False eyelashes are always optional. Adding eyelashes can make your eyes stand out, but for smaller eyes, it may close them and become overwhelming. Choose the appropriate eyelashes for your eye and look desired. Also, don't forget to trim them to your eye shape and practice! No one puts on eyelashes perfectly the first time. If its your first or even second time, practice ahead of time. The worst thing you can do is wait until the day of, and become frustrated, and potentially ruin your hard work.)

After applying the eyelashes I than apply concealer, as I explained above. Than I will finish my eyes by adding Pixi's Eyeliner pencil in "Oyster Glow" to my waterline. This color is a pearlescent skin tone. It will help your eyes to look refreshed and glowing. Than I added "Cocoa Bear" eyeshadow under my bottom lashes, blending it to the highlighted area in the tear duct area. Take the same brush and lightly dip it into the "Oil Slick" eyeshadow, and add to the same area, but only extend it from the outside to the center. Similar to the photo above from www.MakeupGeek.com. To add a little POP and glamour, I used Nyx Silver glitter liquid eyeliner, only to the inner eye from tear duct, almost to the center of the eye. (Adding the glitter, allows your eyes to sparkle in the light, and draws attention to them in a flattering manner) Finally, finish your eyes by adding mascara to your bottom lashes.

Bringing color to your face is so important. I just don't understand girls who opt out of blush, bronzer and highlighters. These three things used together or on their own help to enhance your features and bring life to your skin. My top 3 makeup essentials are mascara, lip balm and BLUSH! I couldn't live without it...theoretically of course haha

Powder, Contour, Blush and Highlight:
Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette- Using "Dim Light" as a finishing powder, I add this under my eyes to set my concealer and in any other areas that tend to get more oily. Than using "Radiant Light" I use this as a light contour color, just to add a bit of color under my cheek bones and my temples. After I apply my blush in "Luminoso" from Milani on the apples of my cheeks, I use "Incandescent Light" as a highlighter. I apply this on the top corners of my cheeks, the center of my my forehead, down my nose, chin and the cupids bow above my lip. These are the best areas for highlighting. Example--->

To finish this look, we want to add a beautiful lip color. I wanted to choose a lip color that was noticeable, but wouldn't stand out more than the eyes. Tinting the lips a mauve rose color, adds a sophisticated, and classic look that is flattering for any age, any occasion and most all skin tones. I also added a clear lip balm prior to using my lip color. When using matte colors, or a lipstick in general, they can tend to dry out your lips. I personally get dry lips, so unless the lip color is very moisturizing, I try to add a balm.

Smiths Strawberry Lip Balm
Revlon Matte Lip Balm in the color "Sultry"

Brushes/ Applicators used:
- Sigma E40
- Sigma E25
- Sigma E10
- Bare Minerals Eyeshadow brush
- Small concealer brush from Elf
- Sonia Kashuk Contour Brush
- Eco Tools Powder Brush
- Bare Minerals Blush Brush
- Real Techniques Highlighting brush
- beautyblender

I hope you try out this look for your next special occasion. I loved this look, and hopefully you do as well.
Remember, when it comes to makeup, sometimes less is better. You want to be the beautiful one for your special day, so try and less dramatic look to create a flawless and romantic look.

Dont forget to check out my YouTube channel for a tutorial and makeup review on these awesome Makeup Geek eyeshadows.


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