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Product Review: Hijabi Box

The concept of monthly subscription boxes for hijabis is catching on! Hijabi Box is a US-based company who recently sent me a package to review. When you sign up for your subscription, you are asked to fill in a short survey which helps tailor the box to your tastes.

For my first month's subscription, I was sent the Shimmer Shimmer scarf, purple headband, pin wheel and a sample of Ghirardelli Intense Dark Sea Salt Soiree Bar.

Shimmer Shimmer is one of the signature scarves which are handmade and unique to Hijabi Box. I was quite happy to be sent this scarf and the fact that the company paid attention to the style survey I filled out. The scarf measures 215cm x 72cm, and is very lightweight. It is made from really beautiful shimmering blue/purple fabric. The size I think is just right, and is enough to wrap around twice without being bulky and uncomfortable. The only thing I was not keen on was the hemming of the edge with a bright purple thread. However this can be easily hidden by folding the edge of the scarf over.

This month's box also included a purple headband. I've not used this style before; it would be ideal to use in warmer weather, though with a scarf which is as thin as this one, I feel like a full undercap would be more practical for keeping the scarf in place.

The pin wheel is a simple set of straight pins with a bright head. I was a little bit disappointed with these, as they are something which you can find easily and cheaply, and don't add much value to the box. However, I guess they're included in the first box because they are an essential for most hijabis, and the next months' subscriptions will include something a bit more special.

Lastly, the Ghirardelli chocolate was a lovely addition. At first I wasn't convinced by the combination of sea salt and almonds, but it was surprisingly delicious!

Overall, I really liked the scarf and the sample chocolate, but look forward to more interesting accessories in the next subscription from Hijabi Box.

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