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Cotton Candy

You know what they say, "There's always room for new things in a girls wardrobe..". Ok I totally just made that up. You know how it feels to have a closet full of clothes but nothing to wear? If you know what I'm talking about then you'd know that we girls usually end up wearing the same thing repeatedly so long as it's comfy and decent enough to take out, yes? Just look at these pretty shawls I got from sikinrizqi.com. Now these are the kind of shawls I would wear over and over again.
First, because they are made of light-weight materials, so I won't be sweating like crazy under my scarf. I mean, I love me some pashminas, but mannnn do I sweat in those(ok gross). Second, because they come in pretty colours. And third, they're more than easy to wear and handle! Oh and it has a nice curved cutting at each side making the shawl appear more polished on the side and front of your outfit without the awkward boxy corners(never liked those).

Aren't they pretty?
 Lovin' my baby blue shawl with this casual outfit.

They have tons of other designs you could choose from like 3-tone shawsl. Very appropriate for any occasion really. Lovely and big enough to cover the chest. Pair it with any nuetral coloured top and bottoms and you're good to go. Also comes in special edition with cute prints. What are you waiting for, go get your shop on!

Instagram : @sikinrizqi
Till then!xx

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