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Classically Beautiful

Sometimes we get so caught up in makeup styles, techniques, and wanting to be overly creative, that we forget to take a step back and say "Simple is beautiful".

Coming from a Cosmetology, and Modeling background, makeup was something to be kept simple with basic colors and application techniques that worked on everyone. Makeup was to enhance your beauty, but was not to take the attention away from it, as many of these artistically beautiful looks, we have come to see so much on Instagram and YouTube. These looks are much more about the beauty, and craftsmanship of the artist.

Getting back into makeup, I realized I was stuck in my nitch of "wearable makeup". I needed to experiment with my makeup more as an art form, as well as improve on my techniques. I find myself so inspired by so many of these kind of looks, but I still struggle for perfection on them. Practice, practice, practice.

Although my love for creative makeup has grown, I find that makeup can be very complicated, and tedious for others. Using five different brushes, six different colors and four techniques, is not everyone's cup of tea. I too find myself being overwhelmed with it at times. So I really wanted to bring makeup back to its basics.

Classic looks are just that for a reason...their classic, timeless, and you really cant go wrong. For some, a classic look, or wearable look may scream "BORING" or "been there done that" but these are looks that work for everyone, and unlike many creative looks, their wearable for everyday use. Grocery shopping with rainbow colored eyes may only work on Nicki Minaj. I am NOT a rap super star haha. So, I wanted to bring you looks that I love, looks that I am good at, and would feel confidant leaving my home in.

Thinking of beautiful, classic looks, I could not help but feel connected to my old soul. The 1940's and 50's sing sweet melodies in my head of Billie Holiday, and Frank Sinatra. When I think of classic beauty, Rita Hayworth, Betty Grable, Elizabeth Taylor, Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn and who couldn't mention Marilyn Monroe, come to mind. These woman are iconic for their classic looks, elegant style and charm. So why wouldn't we want to replicate them when it comes to makeup? Their classic winged eyes, and statement, red lips have become such a makeup look staple that woman like Christina Aguilera, Lana Del Rey, Angelina Jolie, Adele and Scarlett Johansson have been known to flaunt this look in their everyday life. So why not look like a classic movies star all the time? Here are the products, and steps I used to achieve my version of this classically beautiful look.

Face: Bare Minerals Liquid Foundation
          Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette                    "Radiant Light"
          Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz
          "Medium Brown"

Eyes: Sigma Eyeshadow Base in "Persuade"
          Makeup Geek "Purely Naked" 
          Lorac's Black Liquid Eyeliner
          MAC Pro Long Concealer in NW20
          Revlon Lashes

Lips: Cargo Lipstick "Napa"

How To:

Using my beautyblender, I applied my foundation. Of course, foundation is not necessary for those who opt out of wearing foundation. You can choose to go bare faced, as well as trying a foundation powder, like "Bare Minerals" or a BB Cream. After I have my base on I can now move onto my eyes. Using a powder or eyebrow pencil, lightly fill or shape your brows. This is also a step that may be omitted as a personal choice. I was trying to achieve as much of a classic look as possible, and many women either filled in their brows, or wore them a bit darker and fuller in the 1950's. I personally enjoy my natural eyebrows, and do not pluck to shape. So filling them in on occasion for makeup looks like this can help to make the look appear more put together and flawless. 

Using an eyeshadow base is always a great idea, whether your working with colors or neutrals. Eyeshadow bases allow you to start with a fresh palette for colors to appear smoother, brighter and last longer throughout the day. For this look Im using my new Sigma eyeshadow base. Its a creamy skin tone and applies so soft. I am really enjoying it. Classic eyes are all about allowing the simplicity of the application and colors to enhance the natural beauty of the eyes. One eyeshadow is all you need for this look. I worked "Purely Naked" into the crease in windshield wiper motion...super simple!

Using my concealer, I added a triangle shape from my inner eye, down to my nostril and up to my temple. This is the perfect highlighting area for a light concealer. I blended it in using my beautyblender. 

Now back to the eyes...I used my black Lorac eyeliner, but you can also use a gel or pencil, as long as you can achieve the iconic "winged eye" look. I decided to use false eyelashes for this look. This classic look calls for winged long eyelashes, this is also optional. A basic mascara application will work just as well. I purchased very natural looking lashes from Revlon that plared a bit more on the outer corners. I was looking more for uniformity than drama. Before and after applying the lashes, I used mascara to darken my lashes.

Most classic looks that you see, show the women fairly colorless. What I mean by this, is they were not heavy handed on the blush. Their skin appears porcelain like, or with a light bronzer for contour purposes. So for this look I used my ambient lighting palette to finish my face.This bronzer has a pearly finish that adds a beautiful glow to the skin.

At last! We are almost done. To add the finishing touches, we add those bright red statement lips, but for something a bit different I am using a red/violet based lipstick from Cargo. Without this step, this makeup look would be nothing. Its that lip that says "Im beautiful, and confidant!".

I hope you enjoyed this makeup, and feel free to check out my video on YouTube for the tutorial! This tutorial is a bit different with different products, but achieving the same look basically.

beautyblender review on Blogspot: http://chelseyhijablove.blogspot.com/2013/11/my-little-pink-sponge-review-on.html


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