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Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week 2013

I attended the KLFW 2013 fashion show at Pavilion KL last friday as a guest for Ammara (thank you so much for having me!). The fashion show showcased 4 talented designers representing IFF (Islamic Fashion Festival). These designers included Ammara, Zleqha, Mazlianul Maznan and Jubahsouq.

Ok enough jibber jabber, lets have a look at some of my fave picks from the KLFW runway already!

My favorite look from Ammara. Loooooved the designs and that print! Sara & Amal, you girls did an amazing job!
Designs by architect-turned-fashion-desinger, Zleqha. Tres chic!
Soft and elegent designs by talented Mazlianul Maznan. 
Closing the show that day was a designer from Indonesia. 

And these are my ultimate favorites from previous Day 1 & Day 2 shows. 
 Holographic inspired collection from Ezzati Amira. To die for!
Minimal & rugged designs by Pearly Wong. 

Oh btw I had Imane (Fashion with Faith) & Sabrin Filli as my date on that day, all the way from Sweden! Yup, they're currently in Malaysia. It's always nice meeting people you've been following virtually and finally seeing them in person. We definitely had fun chatting and watching the show. :) Thanks for coming girls!xx
Left : Cutie Shea Rasol, puffy me and gorgeous Sabrina. 
Right : With Imane, Sara & Amal (designers of Ammara) and Sabrin. 

I was kinda having a hard time finding something fashionable to wear to klfw, because lets face it, dressing up a pregnant body is no easy task. Especially when your already 35 weeks and almost ready to pop! So as always, I turned to Fashion Valet, since it's officially my fave online shopping website! Thanks to this beautiful Anglia dress and Kamelia necklace,I managed to put together a decent look that was both comfy and klfw-appropriate! Tehee. A lot of new arrivals on FV at the moment girlsss. Check itttttttttt!

Website : Fashion Valet

Instagram : @fashionvaletcom

Till then!xx

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