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Kimono Princess

Today I attended a friend's wedding, and instead of wearing the normal Baju Kurung (which I hardly can fit into!) I opted to wear my brand new Bajookoo Cardi from Fashion Valet that I turned into a Kimono-esque top! Fashion Valet, you are definitely a life saver! I love this lilac cardi because not only is it suitable for formal & traditional wear, I can even pair it with pants or a skirt and make it totally casual! Gorgeous and super comfy!

Since Ramadhan is approaching, instead of going through all the fuss scouting for a baju raya at Jalan TAR or having to go to the tailors to get my baju raya done, this year I'm ditching all that and will be shopping for my baju raya at FV! Easy peasy, I can choose which one I love and bam! It will be at my doorstep the next morning! How convenient is that right?!

Plus, this time around, they are collaborating with even bigger designers including Mimpikita & Innai Red! Not to mention other celebrity brands like House of Doll (Fazura) Simplisiti (Dato' Siti) Dreamcloud (Natasha Hudson) and many more. They even support South East Asia brands from Indonesia & Thailand! Me gusta!! Oh and FV has the most awesome and reliable customer service, a 30-day return policy and free local delivery. What more could you ask for! :)

So what do ya'll think of this pastel palette outfit?:P I know it's not quite me but I do loveeeee the colour combo! Guess my pregnancy is bringing out more of my girly side:P Teheee.

Instagram : @fashionvaletcom

Till then!xx

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