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Almost There

Today our baby is almost 35 weeks alhamdulillah. I'm in the office typing away because quite frankly I don't have anything better to do, LOL. The semester is finally over and my students just finished their final exams. I'm done with all my marking (wohooo!) and at the moment waiting for the baby to come out in another 2-5 weeks insyaAllah!

My first trimester was a little tiring eventhough I didn't experience any morning sickness whatsoever. My second trimester went very smoothly alhamdulillah and I was pretty much just eating all the time! hehe.. Third trimester has been quite painful especially having experienced extreme pelvic girdle pain which extends to the buttocks and legs. There are times when I just can't move at all when it hits right at the nerve. Also during the night, I usually don't get much sleep because I tend to wake up every hour due to pain or a positional discomfort. I know it's normal for a pregnant women to be experiencing all this, but it's my first time and it's making me wish the baby would come out sooner! LOL.

Pregnancy for me has been a painful yet the most beautiful experience in my life, masyaAllah. At this stage, even simple movements are proving to be difficult especially rolling out of bed, bending over or reaching for something on the ground. Even when I'm talking I can hardly catch my breath. Regardless, I'm so thankful that Allah has blessed me with the gift of a child in my womb and my husband for always being there to help me when I couldnt get up to carry myself to the toilet, my super emo days, and basically caring for my every need. Our child has brought us closer together more than ever. Pregnancy has shown another side of my husband that I truly can't help falling in love with again and again :')

Me and hubby have been searching for so many baby names already(mostly boy names though) since all the checkups show that the baby's gender is male. We already have a name in mind but haven't quite finalized it yet!(chewaahhh mcm nak finalize result student pulak!) I hope and pray that Allah will ease everything for us and that I will have a safe delivery and both baby and mummy will be ok, ameeen. Please pray for me!! I'm excited and nervousss at the same time! Do keep me in your dua's!xx

This is what he does most of the time, wiggle wiggle wiggle then stick his butt out:P

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