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Islam Is My Truth

An email response in regards to my knowing Islam is the truth versus the Trinity...

Yes I know Islam is the truth. 100% to doubt in my mind. I answer you so confidently because I was an Atheist/Agnostic prior to reverting. I grew up in a liberal, find yourself home. I was always told to be a self thinker, always ask why, and be yourself no matter what others think of you. I carried all of this throughout my life. I was born, and baptized a Christian. I used to attend Church with a few of my girlfriends growing up. It was all very interesting to me. I attended Methodist Churches, Baptist and even Jehovah Witness Churches. I've always sought out God in my own way, but even at a young age I had questions. Id ask my friends, but they were too young to understand, or my thoughts were above my age maybe. In high school I attended a very "cool" Church for young urban kids. It was a way to reach out to the youth, and present God in a way that was not "suits and ties" but sneakers and ball caps. (if you get what I mean) I loved it. I always enjoyed going, and even attended a few Bible study classes. I couldn't help but to stand in church and think to myself..."What a hypocrite I am! I'm here singing and reading the Bible, trying to believe in something I don't " I had no faith. I never had faith. I had come to realize, I've never actually believed in God. I didn't believe in anything. Accepting the fact that this was life, and than you die made me feel comfortable. I had no problem with death or the urge to believe in God for something to hold on to. I than realized I was an Atheist. So I lived, to live. I never wanted regrets and I wanted to experience the ups and downs of life, having fun, be young and free. My family is Christian, but I don't believe any of them knew my opinions on religion and God. When I was 18 years old I began studying religion. I studied Christianity more, I looked into Islam for educational purposes and than Buddhism, thinking that would be my calling. The next 6 years of my life I went back and forth from being Atheist to Agnostic and than even considered looking into Catholicism at the age of 22 after having visited a beautiful Catholic Church in Puerto Rico. I am very moved by culture as well and the Spanish influence on Catholicism was aesthetically appealing to me. Needless to say there brought even more questions. I had never encountered the trinity until I researched Catholicism. Growing up, I was taught that Jesus was the son of God and I knew some said God, but that led to more questions, so you could imagine when I encountered the trinity how many more I had. No matter the answer, it simply did not make sense to me. I couldn't connect to God in the slightest. I did not believe at all. I went back to just being "Agnostic" I figured screw it, its obvious that religion is just crap, but "if" there's a God, that God will judge me for who I am. I lived like this until I was 24 years old.

My drinking was the normal consumption of a girl my age. I was 21-24 going to the clubs like a typical western girl, I partied just as hard as say, any college student would, but it didn't have the same satisfaction for me. I was doing it to have fun, but realizing that that kind of fun doesn't always lead to good things. I was feeling a bit empty, but I never knew why. I wanted more in my life. I had a Muslim girlfriend who I used to speak spirituality with. She wasn't a super practicing Muslim, but always held it close to her heart. Id talk to her about faith and life, God (if there was one) she used to always tell me that the way I feel, the things I believe is like that of a Muslim. Every Muslim I had ever met was kind, happy, outgoing, loving, courage's and best of all God fearing. No matter what they did, or where they were, God was on their mind and in their heart. I had never experienced faith like this before. I was intrigued to say the least. Besides the small amount of research I had done for college about Islam, I didn't know much. I thought to give it a try. I began researching Islam. I read good things and bad. I watched lectures upon lectures on Islam and even many debates against it. I wanted to know Islam from the insider, and the outsider. This wasn't a joke for me. I knew if there was a God, it was something to be taken seriously and not lightly. If I was going to be "religious" I wanted to do it right. I even watched documentaries on the Quran, Muhammad pbbuh, the rise of Al Adelus in Spain, the miracles, and education Islam brought to this world. I studied hijab and war, man beating...all of the misconceptions you can think of, I was on it. I spoke about Islam to my parents, they thought it was just a faze. I remember the day my ex husband told me he couldn't be married to a Muslim. For me, it was God or him, in a way. I couldn't turn back. I had felt as if God had aloud me to discover the true religion at the time I needed it the most. Allah had blessed me with a great man, and a great marriage. It was my job to keep it as such. Unfortunately that was not the case the last few months of our marriage, but I knew that if I turned my back on God for a man, I would never forgive myself. I prayed that Allah could give me another chance at love with someone who supported my new journey, and al humdulAllah, Allah did. My ex husband, two months later insisted we try to reconcile, but we could no longer agree on many things on reference to life, children and of course, God.

I finally believed in God, and it was Islam that brought me to God. I have no question in my mind that Islam is the truth. I pray to Allah the creator of life, the most compassionate, the all knowing, the magnificent Allah. There is no other worthy of our worship but Allah (God). I cherish the prophets and their messages, but my praise goes to the one and only who deserves it above anyone or anything. Islam does not believe in any trinity. Islam does not recognize anyone or anything as Allahs equal. Islam gives respect to those who deserve it of us, but the most important thing to us is God....Allah as one.

Thank you for your time. Allahu Akbar.


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