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South Korea : Day 3

After having breakfast, we transfered to Yangpyeong and went for a rail bike ride. The rail bike is a 4-seat vehicle that moves on rails by foot pedaling(obviously). Since I was pregnant, my husband insisted I let him do all the pedaling. In the end I tried pedaling anyway and the thing moved even with the slightest pedaling, pffft. Tipah tertipu rupanya. haha.
The rail bike looks kinda lame I know, but trust me, totally fun when you ride it with the right people!:) Plus we got to see more of South Korea's country side and even the friendly Koreans who waved at us as we passed by.
After about an hour at the rail bike station, we went to the DIY Kimchi place in Icheon(forgive me, I really don't remember the name of this place) and made some Kimchi(well, kind of). To be completely honest all the ingredients were there already, we just happen to squeeze everything into the cabbage. Our Kimchi instructor was funny though, reminded me of that runningman guy, Jea Suk or whatever his name is. I don't really fancy the taste of Kimchi since I feel that our local sambal is so much tastier, but apparently koreans love it because according to them, not only does it taste good, but it is also very healthy food that they take everyday, apart from Ginseng.
Just opposite the Kimchi place, we had the oppurtunity of wearing the Korean traditional garments. I wore the Hanbok(dress) + Jokduri(headgear) while hubby wore the Gwanbok + Tanggeon. If you look at the traditional attire of any country around the world, you'll find that most of them are very modest. Makes you wonder why not many cultures wear any of the (slightly modified) traditional garments in everyday life like how the Arabs still wear their Abayas/Burqa/niqab or the Malays who still wear their Baju Kurung.
Across the street from the Kimchi & tradional wear place, was the Seasonal Fruits Farm where we did some strawberry picking( really reminds me of the days back in uk) The strawberries in Malaysia are not as sweet or as tasty as the ones in korea/uk so my mom bought a whole big box of korean strawberries to bring back to Malaysia but most of it was finished before we even reached Malaysia.  
Last location on our itinerary for day 3 was the massive themepark, Everland. Everland is almost similar to Paris Disneyland except I don't think they have a parade like they have in Disneyland. Other than that I think the place was beautiful, fairy-tale-like and fun!(despite the fact that I didn't get to ride any roller coasters since I'm pregnant. I loooooooooove extreme adrenelin-rush-rides/activities!!!)  
Sky Cruise, the only 'roller coaster' I got to ride. z z Z Z z z z... 
It was quite romanctic though:p got some cuddling and gedik time with the hubs, teheee
Having my cinderella moment right there.
We tried some Bulgogi for dinner at a halal Korean-Indian restaurant. Sadly it wasn't really my cup of tea because the meat gravy was kind of sweet (I dunno, maybe they didn't cook it right or I just had no idea how it's supposed to taste like, lol). Not a good combination for me but I ate it anyways since I was freakinnn hungry. We even bought some Turkish kebabs along the way back because we meat-lovers just have to have our meat cooked right. After dinner we checked into our last hotel, Manu Hotel and I instantly fell asleep due to extreme exhaustion. It was definitely a nice 3rd day though!:)
*face of exhaustion*

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