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Trend Tuesday: The New Neutral

Skirt: H&M // Tee: Forever 21
Every store I have entered in the past few weeks all have one common color theme: Khaki green. It also goes by olive green or army green, whatever you choose to call it, it is definitely spring's new neutral. It can be found as a skirt, maxi dress, button up, sweater, trouser and even jacket--it goes with it all. I styled it with a tribal tee and leather jacket for a casual feel. I went to Forever 21, H&M and Zara at Menlo Mall in Edison to show you how accessible this color is!

1. Maxi Dress:  Forever 21

2. Parka Jacket: Forever 21
Other similar ones: Jacket 1, Jacket 2,  Jacket 3, Jacket 4
3. Trousers: H&M
Other similar ones: Pants 1, Pants 2, Pants 3
4. Tops: Forever H&M, Zara

          (Forever 21)                                                (H&M)

Other similar ones:  Button Up, Sweater Blazer, Blazer

So you get the point, it is everywhere! For the spring, I would suggest going for at least one or two khakhi green pieces: probably a parka and maybe a blouse or trousers. The parka is an easy buy especially if you are thinking about buying a new spring jacket. The blouse or trousers are also versatile to wear it many different pieces. I recently purchased a green parka with black leather sleeves and I simply cannot wait till it is warm enough for me to wear it!

Look out for my next post: Celebrity Style Inspiration!

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