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Our Baby

Last Friday me and hubby went for our 2nd ultrasound since I first found out I was pregnant. The last time we went, the baby was only about 2 months plus so we couldn't really see much except for the baby's heart beating(even then I almost cried!!) Tehee \(^_^)/

Alhamdulillah, our baby is now almost 6 months (23weeks and 4days to be exact). Ya Allah, time flies so fast doesn't it!! Subhanallah, it was so amazing, to see how much our baby has grown. The doctor showed us everything, from the chest, heart, legs, hands, spine and the most exciting, our baby's face! I was super duper happy to see our baby's face in the ultrasound, even though it was just from the side profile. Also, the doctor said it will probably be a boy!! Hehe:)) And baby has been very actively kicking in my tummy ever since! I told my parents and they were very excited to hear that the baby will be their first grandson(if it's really a boy!) All in all, it's a healthy 500gram baby Alhamdulillah. Expected due date is end of July 2013 (19-28th).

MasyaAllah, I keep smilling thinking how much of a blessing this baby has been to me and my husband. Please make doa for us, and may Allah make it easy for me to deliver the baby when it's time, InshaaAllah!xx  Jazakallah khair, May Allah bless you all! :')

Meet our baby, *no name yet, of course!* :D

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