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My First Ever Giveaway!!

WARNING: super long post!!!

Today we see too many Muslim women on the net who claim to be 'Hijabis' or I believe the more accurate term would be Muhaajaba(women that wear the hijab). Unfortunately, a lot of us think that hijab only means 'headscarf', 'shawl', 'tudung' or in other words to cover one's hair. We can't blame them entirely because some of them were never exposed to the real meaning of Hijab and they honestly weren't aware or they just don't know. I partly blame myself and other Muslims who knew but never had the effort to educate. Educate here doesn't mean pointing out how badly they are dressed, but rather to share with them WHY we need to cover properly and not fall into being victims of a fashion-obsessed world. It's not about telling them "I'm better than you, let me teach you how to be a good Muslim". It's about "Hold my hands, let's be a good Muslim together".

Why do I so strongly feel that it is my responsibility to educate? Because, I was also that girl. The girl who thought she was a 'TRUE' Hijabi when the reality was she was just like any other fashion-obsessed girl. She was a wannabe fashionista who just happened to wear a headscarf. She wore skinny jeans, tight clothes, a ton of jewelry, and was more concerned on how fashionable she looked rather than working on her heart. So If I was still clueless and didn't know the true meaning of hijab , I'd want YOU (yes, you reading this) to educate me. I am by no means saying that I have now reached the stage where my dressing is completely perfect as a Muslim, but I am aware that I have plenty of things to work on and In shaa Allah taking one step at a time to try and correct my own mistakes. That's why I feel that all Muslims should help each other to become better Muslims no matter what stage our imaan is at, because it can increase and decrease as we are all normal human beings who tend to forget.

Throughout my limited years of blogging, there have been girls who were concerned enough to email me and educate me about the things I never knew, for example explaining to me why wearing earrings is contradicting with the concept of modesty (even if your neck and ears are covered) because it can draw a lot of unnecessary attention. Or reminding me of how I always forget to wear socks eventhough I know that the feet is part of a women's aurah. Not forgetting the person who made me realize that maybe I should stick to wearing long, loose skirts instead because pants can actually make men drawn to the the size of my thighs even if the pants aren't tight, among other hijab-related mistakes. I'm so grateful for all these beautiful souls who took the time to correct my mistakes and make me understand better about dressing modestly and what it means to be A TRUE MUHAAJABA.

So here I am, trying to do the same for any other sister who will allow me to.

I want all girls to know that Hijab is a sign of dignity and respect. It should be seen as a way of showing our devotion towards Allah s.w.t. Just like we struggle to perfect our solah to attain His Mercy and Rahmah and bring us closer to him, so does wearing hijab. Hijab doesn't just stop at how you dress, but the manner in which you carry yourself, your demeanor. If you present yourself to Allah in the most modest way, you should also extend the same act to how you present yourself to others (true modesty). Your akhlaq and the words you speak, the way you walk, your body language. All of which must be as modest as how you dress in order to not attract anyone's attention but to ultimately gain Allah's pleasure.

Physically, Hijab refers to the complete covering of everything except the hands and face in long, loose and non see-through garments. In other words, TO COVER, not TO WRAP.

I've heard numerous Muslims try to stress that it doesn't matter how you dress, as long as you have a pure heart. That's absolutely true (that we must have a clean heart) BUT WHAT YOU WEAR DOES IN FACT MATTER AS WELL. Hijab itself is an act of worship. If our intention is purely to gain Allah's pleasure by doing all the other acts of worship properly (ie. solah, fasting, zakat, hajj etc) then how can one say that covering aurah properly is not important? Can you say that you don't want to perform solah properly by skipping a few rakaat as long as you have a clean heart? No, because like any other act of worship, we must do it to achieve Itqan because it is part of Allah's command.

Many people perceive hijab as a personal choice. No doubt, it's a choice. A choice to submit fully to God rather than to people, to this dunya. It is a choice to be beautiful to God, rather than on FB or Instagram. And it is a choice to cover and dignify the body Allah gave us, rather than give in to the western culture that teaches women to be sex objects who's worth is based on their bodies or how 'hot' they look. Islam teaches us to cover because Islam respects women and knows the true value of a woman. And even though men will be responsible and punished for what they gazes upon, we women are still responsible for what we expose to them.

I'm not telling you to clean out your closet, get rid of all your clothes and put a sack on your body, NO. I'm asking you to reflect and really ask yourself, who do I dress for? Is it truly to gain Allah's pleasure? Or is it to satisfy your own materialistic needs?

So don't rush in to wanting to change drastically, because it might not last. Take small steps, one step at a time but do it with Istiqamah. It took me a long time to give up certain things I loved wearing. But when you really put Allah above anything else, it will become easier, In shaa Allah. It's our Fitrah as women to want to be beautiful, and there's nothing wrong with that, provided that we dress within the guidelines written in the Al-Quran.

[Say to the believing men that they should lower their gaze and guard their modesty: that will make for greater purity for them: and Allah is well acquainted with all that they do. And say to the believing women that they should lower their gaze and guard their modesty; that they should not display their beauty and ornaments except what (must ordinarily) appear thereof; that they should draw their veils over their bosoms and not display their beauty..]

[ An-Nur 24 : 30-31 ]

So, in support of wanting to encourage and help our fellow sisters(myself included) to cover better, and because I get a lot of emails that sound like this " Its so hard to find an example of a Hijabi that really dresess modestly...most of the so-called Muslim fashion bloggers aren't really Hijabis, they are merely fashionistas " "You are the only blogger I know who truly covers and is modest" <--trust me, I have so much more to work on before anyone can put me in that position. Apart from wanting to reach Itqan in my own dressing, I also feel that I owe it to the sisters to show a better example of true modest Hijab.

As a result, I'm having this giveaway, or I like to think of it as more of a small campaign.

The giveaway is to invite REAL MUHAAJABA(S) to show people how Muslim women can dress more modestly but at the same time still look good and not go overboard when it comes to fashion.

I've been following these two girls,  which are the 2 bloggers that I can say deserve to be called a HIJABI/MUHAAJABA. They are living proof that you can still look beautiful while observing the proper dresscode. See for yourself, I'm sure you'll fall in love imediately! <3

Fatima Zaahn , a beautiful 18-year-old Turkish girl from Germany.

Dena Bahrin, the adorable 21-year-old mommy.

So the challenge is to come up with an outfit that is truly modest yet fashion friendly. The best 10 outfits that can merge these two concepts perfectly together will be featured on my blog so that our sisters have more examples of truly modest outfits that they can try to imitate or make as a reference, instead of the skinny-jeans-short-sleeve-with-headscarf type of outfit.


One(1) winner will be chosen and will win an exclusive goodie bag from me worth RM100, together with exclusive scarves from my lovely sponsors COVERSHOP, CALAQISYAMEDINA and TUDUNGPEOPLE. The winner will also be featured on my blog, Instagram, Tumblr and FB page. And just think of the pahala you will get by helping our Muslims sisters dress better!!;))

This giveaway is open to all local and international readers. Winner will be announced on the 30th April 2013 here on my blog:))

P/s: Even if you don't plan to take part, it would be very much appreciated if you would be kind enough to share this little dakwah/Islah effort to our Muslim and non-Muslim friends:)

[And Remind, for verily a reminder benefits the believer..]


So how can you take part?

1. Copy this blogpost link and share it on your blog/Instagram/Facebook/Tumblr together with a photo of yourself in a complete outfit showing true modesty.
2. Submit your high resolution photo to me by email : aishahamin88@yahoo.com

Rules and Regulations:

1. Headscarf has to be long and wide enough to cover the chest.
2. Headscarf must not expose the ears, neck or any hair.
3. No camel hump.
4. Headscarf material cannot be transparent, exposing neck/ears and connot be of a material that imitates the shape of the bossoms(i.e lycra)
5. Outfit must not be see-through/tight.
6. No accessive makeup/jewelry.
7. No heels/shoes that make noise(wedges are acceptable), and feet must be covered (with socks/covered shoes).
8. No skinny jeans/tights/leggings/pants that show shape of legs.
9. No mermaid cut skirts (unless it is very loose).
10. No belts that emphasize the size of the waist (even if the top is loose, unless you put a blazer/cardigan over it to hide size of the waist).
11. No Turbans/over-styled headscarf.
12. Photo must show a full body shot from head to toe.
13. Entries must be submitted to me via email latest by 29th April 2013.
14. That's all! :)

So what are you waiting for! Challenge yourself, present your creativity and show us that you're not just another "Fashionista" but a true Muhaajaba, In shaa Allah :))

In shaa Allah, my intention is that we all may benefit from this and try to further correct the way we dress, for Allah's mercy is greater than our sins.
Ultimately, Allah knows best.

Till then!xx

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