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Guest Post: Suit Yourself

Today's guest blog post is courtesy of Under a Veil; a blog run by two Moroccan twin sisters aged 24, who study computer engineering. They say, 'We started this blog to talk about conservative fashion; hoping to grow into a big concept. We are rookies in the blogosphere and dreaming about becoming a pillar for modest lifestyle.'

Check out their brilliant guest post for Hijab Style below!

When I was cleaning my wardrobe the other day I found out that the most repeated item in it was the tailored jacket. I'm in love with it because it's so easy to match with everyday outfits and it's very hijab-friendly (sometimes I'll wear it just to go and buy bread...).

The suit is a more elaborated look and it's perfect for special occasions, as it adds a bit of glam to our style. We can wear it by combining shades, contrasting different fabrics and styles, or adding dresses and skirts over pants. My inspirations are Jean Paul Gaultier's collection from 2011 and Roberto Cavalli's collection from 2010.

This season is the ideal time to bring out our best suit, since the runways showed us plenty of ideas of how to wear this elegant trend. Take a look at those proposals and feel free to reinvent your daily outfits and suit yourself.

Images: Vogue

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