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The 'AishahAmin' Hijab Style

As promised, here I am with another  (pic)tutorial. However, please forgive me because I really suck at tutorials be it a video tutorial or even a pictutorial.. so bear with me girls!

Ok so you will need:

  • Pashmina/headscarf that is of similar size to the pashmina
  • Pins and small brooches 
  • A matching necklace

Step 1 : This step is actually optional. Sometimes if you feel that the scarf is too big or too sheer, you can always fold it as shown in step 1. Otherwise, just carry on to step 2.

Step 2 : Place your pashmina over the head with one end longer than the other. Make sure the shorter end is at least at a length that will cover your chest (very important point ladies!;))

Step 3 : Fold a little portion on one side and pin the pashmina to your inner snood/whatever inner your wearing, right beneath your jaw line.

Step 4 : Take the access part from the shorter side and pin it to the other side of your jaw line so that it will cover your neck and chest. At this point you may put on a matching necklace and fasten neatly.

Step 5 : Take the long end of the pashmina and wrap it around the neck, leaving sufficient amount of coverage for the back.

Step 6 : Fold the hanging part neatly according to how you like it to sit on your shoulder, secure with a brooch and you're done!


 Hope this tutorial was useful! And thank you so much for all your suggestions and requests! I really appreciate them all:)
Till then!xx

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