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Product Review: MIN-A

MIN-A is a newly set-up website based in Germany, that provides silk scarves. The scarves are all made and designed in Germany, and at a time when every other website is selling the same cheap, 'Made in China' polyester scarves, these are certainly a unique offering. That said, the quality is reflected in the price.

I was recently sent the beautiful Rose scarf to review. It arrived via DHL and was packaged inside a gift box. The first thing I thought was that the photos really don't do the scarf justice. The fabric is a delicate silk crepe, which means it is less slippery than many silk scarves. The base colour is a light pink, with the beautiful watercolour floral print concentrated mostly on the ends, and a scattering of flowers through the mid-section. The scarf is also very generously sized (175 x 83 cm), but it needs to be considering it is quite see-through.

The scarf also has a small metal tag attached to one corner, which I inadvertently found is really useful for weighing down the end of the scarf and stopping it from flying away!

Overall, I really liked this scarf, though it is very delicate and snags easily with pins. The combination of colours is pretty and it works well with other softer colours like pink, brown and cream.

The MIN-A website is not yet available in English, though that does give a chance to dust off my Year 9 German skills. Otherwise it's well-laid out and they do have a variety of styles; including beautiful classic black scarves (which seem to be quite difficult to find elsewhere unless they're studded with rhinestones).

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