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Islamic Fashion Festival 2012

Earlier today I attended the 2012 Islamic Fashion Festival (IFF) at JW Marriott KL, organized by AMAED (Association of Muslim Apparel Entrepreneurs & Designers). Apparently I didn't get the memo cause I was so not dressed according to the tribal/safari/hakunamatata theme. Oh well, at least my necklace had hints of aztec geometry, ha! :D And thanks to the help of GPS, we managed to reach the event on time!
My partner in crime, Ami Schaheera :p
Loved the theme & deco. Host of the day : Elaine Daly
Ma girls Ami & Shea. We sat right next to the stage and totally had the spotlight in our faces. me likes! lol. and please ignore my awkward expression.
Super fly collection from AMMARA HIJABI. Looooved their collection the most!<3 young & fresh! 

Another favorite, ALLYA MYSARA, you've probably seen a lot of their clothes in Hijabista, very talented and friendly designers, these two:D
My fave picks. From left : Hajaba. Jubah Souq. Ammara Hijabi. Also in attendance was the lovely mommy-to-be Irma Hasmie<3 *gambar curik dari Shea:P
Hehehehe. Nuff said.
I've gained so much weight:( gahhh need to get back to my workout routine!! 

WIWT : Orange Scarf : MNG | Pashmina : Alamanda | Necklace : H&M | Top : H&M | Pants : H&M | Shoes : Agape

Thanks Ami for the photos(I left my camera in the car pastu malas nak pegi ambik balik, pfffft) And Thank you Sara & Amal for the invitation, we had a blast!:)
Till then! xx

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