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Hijab Style Needs YOU (again)!

Two and a half years ago, I asked Hijab Style readers to share their opinions on the modest/Islamic clothing industry for a blog post I wrote here. Since then, the number and variety of businesses catering to Muslim women has certainly increased, but are they addressing their customers' needs?

Hijab Style wants to find out your opinions for an update article on the following topics:

1. Do you buy from online modest clothing companies? And if not, why not?
2. Are you happy with the range of clothing and designs offered?
3. What do you think is missing?
4. What do you think businesses need to improve? Is it the products themselves? Or perhaps customer service, shipping or any other aspect?

The reason for doing this is simple; unless businesses know what their customers are looking for, they won't be able to cater for their needs. So make your opinion heard and hopefully things will change for the better! Please leave your thoughts in the comments section below; and don't forget to mention what part of the world you live in!

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