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On Getting My Competent Drivers License

A few days ago I just realized my P license had expired, so today I took the time to head to JPJ to renew my license. As per usual, I was escorted by Mr.hubs to the JPJ building. Good thing I always keep a spare passport-sized photo in my purse, so all I had to do then was take a number, and wait at the seating area. I didn't even have the chance to sit down, my number appeared on the screen already! Talk about good service! 

Anyways, the friendly lady at the counter asked me for the photo, and before I knew it, my license was ready! I was beyond happy (and a little proud of myself to say the least) Since I was in such a good mood, we decided to go eat somewhere. I was driving and when we reached the place, I parked in the first parking lot visible. Then as we got out of the car I realized I had parked a bit too further behind in the designated parking lot. So I got back in the car and asked my husband to stand outside and tell me where I should stop(at that moment he was standing in front of the car. We were joking around and I guess I was being absent-minded again when I accidentally hit the acceleration pedal a bit too hard and hit my own husband!(I swear to God I had a massive heart attack! It was like my brain stopped functioning for 5 seconds. Luckily, my husband has the hidden talent of a stuntman and very quick reflex movement. He somehow managed to use his hand to lift his body and leap away from the car. I thought to myself if anything happened to my husband that day, I could never forgive myself.

Moral of the story is: Never be too happy or over-excited to the extent of turning absent-minded like me. -__-'

On a more cheerful note, he can’t stop making fun of what happened and keeps bragging about how he became a ‘stuntman’ today. Pffffft.

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