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Eid 1433 : Day 2

This post is waaay overdue but I still wanted to share my [one and only] raya outfit this year! Tehee! While a lot of girls would probably be wearing Jovian or Rizalman this raya, I wore a unique piece by the lovely Mazlianul Maznan :) I love it's exquisite soft material that falls nicely where it's supposed to, and also very comfy to wear in Malaysia's hot & humid equatorial weather. Not to mention it's sleek vertical pattern in the middle that elongates my body making me appear taller than I really am!:P I love it so much I even wore it during my stay in Ipoh with the in-laws;)

I had a great time spending my raya with both my family and my husband's family. While we were in Ipoh, Fiq brought me to a place he always loved to go to whenever he wanted to clear his mind. I can understand why he loved the place so much! It is a beautiful recreational park nestled between limestone hills and landscaped gardens across the waters. There is even a manmade waterfall that almost looks as if its real!

After a few failed attempts at taking a photo of the both of us together, a lovely chinese lady offered to help snap a photo of us, thank you sweet lady!:)
Taman Rekreasi Gunung Lang

What do you think of this MM piece? J'adore!

Till then!xx

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