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The WWW: Blouses

I'm starting up a new series of posts here under the title 'The WWW', which stands for 'Working Woman's Wardrobe'. In Muslim fashion media, the focus seems to be heavily on casual or evening wear. But for the large number of women who go to work everyday, it necessitates that they spend the majority of their time in smart outfits. Although I'm still several months away from starting work, I still need to dress smartly at the hospital, and despite all the new brands and labels popping up, I still have a hard time finding something suitable. So I'll be including style ideas, fashion finds and outfit suggestions in these posts (if there's anything you feel is missing, let me know!).

I recently went into TK Maxx, and despite the fact I've never bought any clothes from there before, came out with these three lovely, long sleeve, opaque blouses, perfect for pairing with maxi skirts. If you're on the hunt for something similar, I'd definitely recommend having a look. There are lots of blouses available on the high street at the moment, below are just a few finds:

Satin Detail Blouse £69, Planet; Micro Spot Blouse £59, John Lewis; Georgette Long Sleeve Bow Tie Blouse £29.90, Uniqlo; Double Collar Shirt £38, Oasis.

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