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Review : Wedding Makeup

Assalamualaikum everyone! sorry for the long absence.. you may now address me as Pn.Aishah because.. I'm married! tehee! MasyaAllah, it still feels unreal.. syukur Alhamdulillah Allah has made it easy for us to be wedded.. Before anything I just want to say a quick thank you to everyone.. especially my family members and friends who helped me a lot with wedding preparations, also to everyone who made it to my wedding. Thank you so much & Jazakallah khair! :) May Allah bless you all!

Ok so I know that previously I said I wanted to do my own makeup for my wedding, and I did, but only for my nikah:p I was too tied up with my wedding preparations that I didn't have time to buy the makeup tools and products I needed for the perfect reception makeup. So I opted to hire the ever so lovely Anna Cherie to do my reception makeup. I've been a huge fan of her work ever since the first time she did my makeup for the Jelita Magazine Photoshoot. She is such a pleasant person to be around with and more importantly she has a unique way of doing her makeup and I think it makes her stand out from all the rest. She's realy good at bringing out your best features without going over the top. She makes it look effortless and radiant, which is what i loooove so much..I highly recommend her if your looking for a makeup artist for any occasion! Just email her at anna.beaufaces@gmail.com or directly contact her at 016 663 2548. I haven't received photos from our official photographer yet so here are photos by friends, of my reception makeup without false eyelashes and no eyebrow trimming: Tadaa!

Photo credit to HNHM Photoworks our official photographer:)
Under flash. Photo credit to Ahmad Azhari

Photo credit to Nurul Sakinah
Photo taken from the hot mama Putri :)

Ok so now we move on to my DIY nikah makeup..first of all, I did not practise this makeup. Secondly, I just used whatever I had in my makeup bag(which I'm telling you, is not that much) I was fairly happy with the results even though I did end up looking a tad tanner than usual(well that's what my mom said) but in the photos I thought the makeup looked radiant(hehe perasan!:p) All in all, I was happy that I was able to look pretty and not have to trim my eyebrows or wear false eyelashes like a lot of brides thesedays do. See ladies, you don't have to follow what everybody else does to look and feel good about yourself! :p

Flower bouquet done by yours truly:D
Photo credit to Hafiz Atan
Photo credit to Hafiz Atan
Till then! Stay beautiful! xx

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