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Review : Flower Bouquet

Assalamualaikum ladies! How's Ramadhan treating you? Or should I say, how are you treating Ramadhan? InsyaAllah with more ibadah and sabar, right?:) 

I want to do a review on my wedding bouquet, done by the ever so lovely Renee Meow :) For my nikah bouquet, I did it myself so it wasn't that great, it was just a bunch of roses..huhu..booooring..

The color theme for my reception was sotf grey + lavender + pearl white, and for the bouquet, I could say more of a rustic + elegant theme ( as renee put it:p) hehe. I think renee did a great job! She even went and bought artificial lavenders just to cater my request! love you renee! thank you for the beautiful bouquet;) and thank you for making it to my wedding walaupun kita tak dapat bergambar same2..tsk..tskk

Anyways, this was the inspiration photo for my reception bouquet:

love love loveee

Final result:

Beautiful!:) Photo credit to Renee Meow

love:) photo credit to HNHM Photoworks
Till then! xx

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