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Hijabista : August Edition

Assalamualaikum ladies.. Guess what?(you're not guessing are you-__-) i knew it! hehe anyways, Hijabista august issue is out, with the lovely Dian Pelangi as the covergirl! she looks like a barbie doll doesn't she?

See what I mean? :)

As you may have read in my previous post , I mentioned that I was featured in the hijab styling section and I was rambling about how I didn't quite like my makeup and yadda yadda. Well, turns out I was wrong. The makeup looked so much better in the magazine than I thought it would. Tehee! Alhamdulillah. Reminder-To-Self: never question people who are good in what they do. They know their stuff. Period.

Moving on to the 'Space Chic' inspiration. I only came up with the theme when we were on set while waiting to be dolled up. And I'm happy it turned out great! Here's what the outcome looked like:

Photo credit to Ami Schaheera:)

Thank You Hijabista Mag for having me! 
Such a pleasure:)
Don't forget to get yourself a copy of the Hijabista august issue!
Till then! Ramadhan Kareem! xx 

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