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The time has come for me to go on vacation, I think I deserve it this year. 
Here some pictures of the nude collection

I hope you enjoy your Fabulous Summer.
A Bientôt


PS: Please don't use any of my pictures without my permission

I am in love with Japanese food, i love this country and i dream to go there.

This Soft rice Cracker (雪の宿サラダ) have a lightly sweet glaze, 

 I Can Eat a Lot ^.^

The Elephant House is the Birthplace of Harry Potter 
one of the cafés in Edinburgh in which Joanne Rowling wrote the first  novel.

It's a very charming place

Elephant Earl Grey Tea Caddy purchased from The Elephant House.

Cookies made ​​by me, with the Harry Potter theme, 
You can see Ronald Weasley, Hedwig and the Deathly Hallows cookies

I will publish an aricle for these delicious cookies


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