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HFW Day 5 : Special Occasions

Hoho! I know. I know. Im so left behind on my HFW posts. Ayooo I've been so busy lorrr.. So I think I'm gonna skip Day 3 + 4 and go straight to Day 5 : Special Occasions!:D This is an outfit I would wear to a wedding. A lot of people have been asking me where I got this blouse I wore to Fatin Alwani's Wedding last Saturday. Well, I got it from ZAWARA ofcourse! hehew Check out the lace details! Love love love! 

What I'm wearing:
Almas Blouse From Zawara
Chiffon Scarf From Mecca
Ring From Diva
Skirt : Kayah's:p
Bag From AngelBoutique

Salam satu Malaysia! Ini ialah senyuman paling muhibah yg dpt dikeluarkan. (if you notice, i never smile with my teeth showing) :D  
Till then! have a great week! xx

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