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HijUp Meeting & Hijabista Magazine Launch

Very recently we met up and had a makan2 with the HijUp team , Zara Dhan and Diajeng Lestari from Indonesia at Delicious, Bangsar. If you haven't seen their website yet, you better go check it out this instance, right HERE. All the clothes are to die for! Go go buy some! :p
Everybody say HijUP! :D

My new favorite thing to do *muahahahaha*
yay, makan time!
Check out these adorable rings by the lovely Diajeng Lestari
Then off we headed to PWTC via LRT! what an adveture it was!
vain pics satu. oh wait. make that two
sume busy meng-update dgn alat2 canggih. me: krik..krik.. *keluarkan hp lopek*
Farah Asyikin singing "Love You Like A Love SOng" while we sang along at the back. lol

Goodies from Hijabista Magazine. And a Dian Pelangi Scarf. 
The lovely Putri. Curik gambar ni dari die hehe
One big happy family:)
Diana Amir
I didn't bring a camera that day so all photos from Ami. thanks Ami! :)
What I wore:
Maxi dress by DOTclassic
Clutch from Nose
Metal Belt from Matahari
Ring from Diva
Thank you HijUp team & Hijabista Magazine for having us! We had a splendid time, Alhamdulillah:)
Till then! xx

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