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Topshop MidValley Private Re-Opening

Last night I attended the Topshop Midvalley re-opening with the ever so lovely Ami Schaheera! hehew:p Basically the event was to introduce the new Topshop Spring/Summer collection as well as the new re-vamped store, which I can assure you, looks amazing! Let's enjoy the photos already, shall we?

Shoes galore!! *faints*

Ami & I

Among the fashionable guests in attendance.
Spokesperson form Topshop London talking about the collection

Loooove this look!
Ok you can cry now. T_T
One of my favorites from the collection!
Hands off Ami, that one's mine! MUAHAHAHA
Another favorite!

Camwhoring as usual
Love love love!
Another favorite. ehh sumelah favorite! 
This is what Ami got. dope! 
Me, Jezmine and Ami<3
Boho inspired outfit
What we got in the goodie bag. Thank you Topshop! 
Till then! Goodnight for now! xx

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