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Do It Like A Boss.

Assalamualaikum;) It's been quite a while since I last talked about work. So today Imma tell you a bit about what I do, at work that is. like in the office, when I go to work, where there's a computer and stuff. *big slap* stop rambling girlll!

Ok ok, so I teach. I teach Architecture, Engineering and Quantity Surveying students at foundation level. What do I teach them you might ask? Well, I teach them to be awesome. yeah.

ok just kidding.

I teach them mostly about architectural design and drawing conventions. I also used to teach Built Environment subject but this semester I'm no longer teaching that subject since I received 2 very large group of students which are already a handful to manage. Tehee. Ok now let's talk a bit about DESIGN, my favorite!

Design has always been a huge part of my life, I love learning about different ideas and new concepts that shape any kind of design, be it in fine arts, architecture, fashion, industrial design, etc. Part of the Integrated Design subject component that I teach is in fact about design process. I kid you not, design is a hard subject. So if you've never taken a design-based subject, don't freakin tell me it's easy!! OK!!  +___o


Sorry about that.

Another component that comes with design is, they are required to produce a Site Analysis before they are able to design according to a given context. Now a site analysis is carried out at the outset of a  Project. So this semester I took my students to Putrajaya for their very first Site Analysis (I think!)

And this is what a site analysis looks like (well, actually not really) I don't really have good pictures, ni sume gambar curik dari FB students, hehew) :
    Le me giving out instructions before le students start doing their site analysis.

Hoi! orang dok membebel die berposing pulak. 
Huish rajin betol student ni..patutla rajin..Aishah jgk name :p kihkih
Ni orang suruh measure site die buat main pulak. budak2 zaman sekarang ni.
Dah selesai, tunggu bas punye lame. bus driver tu mesti pergi sopping kat Alamanda. sampai tertido student yang sorang ni.
Ni adalah first aid kit. Bawak murid2 pegi keluar bukan boleh main2. 
Ok selesai site analysis, eh eh, ape ke hey tulis dalam BM pulak ni. Rewind2.. ehemm.. When students are done with the site analysis, only then they can start designing their individual proposed projects. But the pictures below aren't their individual projects, this was just a group assignment to study on design approach as part of their Precedent Studies.

So yeah..that's basically what I do for a living. To some it might seem like *big yawnssssss* but actually, It's the best-est job in the world:) (ok maybe not the best-est best job but, you know) I have no idea what the purpose of this whole entry in the first place is. It might have something to do with my new shoes. hrmmm. Oh well! *skips away*

ni name die pose skema.
*All photos courtesy of my students, Hidayah & Azman ( I think!) 

Well that's all folks! In the meantime,


Till then! xx

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