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Winter in Beijing [Part 1]


I recently spent a whole week in Beijing with my family and like any other family vacation, I had a blast ofcourse! This was the first time coming to Beijing for my siblings, and second time for me and my parents. I had visited Beijing & Xi'an with studiomates during a study visit back in 2010. We arrived at Tianjin International Airport on Monday and was greeted by our tour guide and headed straight to our hotel in Beijing.

Among the places that we visited on the first day was Ti'anmen Square and Forbidden City. It was quite a long walk in Forbidden City, since the area of the place is just humongous. It was winter so it was super cold and hazy. Not your ideal weather to be walking about in a place like that. Regardless, I thought the place was enchanting and I could only imagine how it would look like in Spring/Summer.
me & ummi;)

And we ended the night watching an amazing acrobatic show at the local theater which featured super awesome acrobatic skills and my personal favorite which was the motorcycle stunt.
talk about bad english

Day 2 was the highlight of our vacation since we had our first Skiing experience!:) we arrived at the ski place in the morning after breakfast and didn't waste anytime! I felt like Optimus Prime as soon as I put on the ski boots because they were so heavy!
here goes my first attempt
and she falls
going back up again
at second attempt I didn't fall at all! It was awesome!:)
If you look at the photos, it doesn't look as challenging or hard, but actually we were moving really fast down the slope.

So before you go, ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, my most graceful moment:

Yup, awesome fall, i know:p

Part 2 will be coming soon.
Till then! xx

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