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Product Review: Hijab Candy

Hijab Candy is a Facebook-based business that sell scarves, jewellery and accessories. They recently sent me a sugary-sweet package to review for Hijab Style.

The products arrived wrapped in pink tissue paper, and in keeping with the candy theme, each item was placed in a pink and white striped paper bag, like the kind you get in traditional sweet shops. The two scarves I received were the Wildflower Deep Red and the White Feather both measuring 110 x 180cm. The Wildflower scarf is a cotton mix fabric, and has a patchy leopard print with yellow sunflowers on a red background; very bright and vivid! I personally don't have anything that would go well with it, but I reckon it would look great with a red skirt and cream blouse, and a brown leather jacket. Unfortunately though it is out of stock so no longer available to purchase.

The White Feather scarf is part of the new collection yet to released. It's made of a very thin, sheer white fabric, with an orange, pink and green feather print. It's really soft, and great for creating folds and volume. But due to the large size of the scarves, I found both to be quite bulky to wear, despite the fact that the fabrics are very thin.

Wildflower Deep Red

White Feather

Next is the Butterfly Watch Ring, which is really cute (and functional). The ring itself is one of those metal stretch bands, making it uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time. Though you could try hanging it off a pendant and wearing it round your neck too.

Hijab Candy also sell thumbhole sleeves, which are elbow-length and can be worn under 3/4 length sleeves without the need to layer. These sleeves seem to be made of a lyrca/polyester blend, and I found this particular pair to be of poor quality, as the elastic came loose as soon as I put it on.

Hijab Candy also have a range of pins, including these Flower bow pins and Star bow pins. They are essentially small fabric bows that you can find in a haberdashery with a straight pin stuck through them. I liked these as they're a good size and can be easily worn anywhere on your scarf or even on your top/jacket. You can check out all Hijab Candy's items via their Facebook shop.

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