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Stellar Studio Launch

Alhamdulillah i had a loooong great weekend:) On Saturday there was the Stellar Launch Bazaar which I joined with my sister Timah of Mellovelly, but actually it was more like I was just tumpang-ing my pre-loved stuff there. hehe. Met more awesome people that I usually just see in cyberspace. And managed to sell some of my pre-loved stuff!! Then on Sunday we had a family BBQ celebrating my Maktok's 84th birthday and on Monday a lovely day out at The Curve+Ikea. And ofcourse with all that fun and relaxation I just had to take another day off from work for some me time. lol saje malas nak gi kerja sebenarnye..huarghhhh..I'm looking forward to more holidays end of this month..another short family vacation comin sooonnnn..wohoooo! oh and here's some wicked stuff you missed (all photos courtesy of Hazra Ngah of HNHM-The-Photoworks

Till then! xx

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