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Book Voucher Conquest.

I'm sure everyone knows about the book voucher thingy right? Ok to start things off, last week I went to UPM to collect the book voucher with my pregnant sister since she's also doing her masters in UPM. To cut the story short, I didn't bring my matric card, I only had my ic with me so the voucher lady didn't let me get my voucher. (hmmm. padahal gune number ic je pun)

Freakin voucher lady.

Anyway, so I went to UPM again the next day and finally got my voucher. (huh, menyampah)

Which brings me to today's story. My sisters and I, together with my brother-in-law were on our way to KLCC. Me and my sister Maryam had planned to go to Kinokuniya to use the voucher on books, ofcourse.

Upon arriving, we had brunch, then I went straight to Kinokuniya while my sisters did some shopping of their own elsewhere. I went upstairs to the Architecture section to find myself some good books(actually all the goods ones where 200-300++, so what the hey, i just tried to find some OK ones for less).

When I finally decided on which one to buy, I realized I had spent around 3 hours just to pick 3 books.

Then I had to que in a long line just to VERIFY my book vouchers. As soon as I got in front of the line, the voucher lady told me I had to show my ic and matric card. Being the stubborn person that I am, I didn't bring my matric card, again. I thought I didn't have to this time around because when my sister Fatimah used her voucher in MPH Alamanda, they only asked for her ic. *3D facepalm*

I begged the lady to verify my vouchers so that I could buy the books. But the lady told me I should go online somewhere and log into the students portal and show it to them as proof that I was in fact a student. How absurd is that..I called my sisters for help, but there was no connection in the bookstore so guess what happens next...?

I GO TO THE CYBER CAFE. ( I swear to God this was the lamest thing I've ever done in my entire life)

In the cybercafe, there was a sign that read "minimum 1 hour and 15 minutes only" at the back of my head I was thinking, "are you freakin kidding me..??!"

So I asked the cute lady at the counter if I could use the internet just for 5 minutes? T_T But she didn't let me. At that point I could barely think, so I just said ok let me just use it then. And this is the PROOF that I came up with:

After snapping some photos of THAT, I went to the counter to pay for my 5 minute use of the internet(dah la cc tu masih pakai internet explorer lagi, *LAME AWARD*) And it cost me a whooping RM 8.00!  can you believe it?

I rushed back to Kinokuniya and finally got my books. At that point I was so happy to get the books. My sisters were waiting outside of the store looking at me and as I stepped out of the store, this is what I did (or something like it)



The security guard at the entrance stops me and tells me to come back inside and go scan my books again.


Despite all the hardship, I finally got my books. And for that I am truly thankful. I guess nothing comes for FREE huh?


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