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Wear It Right Campaign : 'Less Is More'

Assalamualaikum ladies! After reading this post (please read)by the ever so lovely Rina Salleh, it actually really hit me hard, in a good way that is. While there's nothing wrong with a little eyeliner, lip-balm and powder, I do agree that the more makeup we put on, the more we bring fitnah to ourselves because in a way, we are manipulated to believe that we own such beauty which in fact is only superficial. Well ladies, it's about time to change that. That is why I was inspired to start this campaign. Ok so this is how it's gonna work.. If you're up for going au naturale, you can show your support by posting a makeup-free photo of yourself either on FB, on your blog, tumblr, twitter and so on to show the world and women out there that you don't need makeup to look beautiful! It's very simple, and the aim is to encourage women to use less makeup and to be confident in their own skin!:) So who's with me now? Start posting and spread the word!:)

P/s: There is one condition for posting your photo, and that is, look and be confident!:)

le me without any makeup.

Till then! xx

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