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Recap of 2011.

Just a recap of the most memorable things that happened in 2011=)

1.The Little Tea-Party with Hana Tajima. This was when I really started to know all these lovely ladies on a personal level and realy clicked.
2. Impromptu Family Vacation to Jakarta and Bandung. It was the perfect escape from work and a great excuse to have fun and be closer to my family. Not to mention experiencing the beauty of Allah's creation in yet another foreign land.

3. Starting my masters studies in UPM.

4. Making my first appearance on live television. It wasn't anything big but my whole family was in front of the TV watching and that was such a sweet memory for me:)

5. Teaching this particular batch of students and seeing them perform well in my class was one of the greatest feelings i could never have experienced elsewhere.

6. Having awesome bestfriends since school who have always been there for me. You know who you are! 

7. Being engaged and to soon be married to the one and only man I fell in love with.  :')

Bismillah. 2012. May Allah bless us with His mercy, love, and guidance to face the challenges of yet another new year. And may we grow stronger, better Muslims, Insyallah. Ameen.

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