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This is the wedding of Deena and Omar,

 which took place at Le Manoir Rouville-Campbell in Quebec.

All pictures credit: shaima al-khalili photography

Deena say:  

Often times, when a women wears hijab, she chooses to have a segregated wedding (men and women in different halls) in order to have the freedom to wear what ever dress she wishes. 

Yet when a wedding is not segregated, Arab hijabi brides generally wear a white wedding dress with a matching head veil.  But truthfully, I never really liked the look

I always felt that being fully covered in white makes the bride look ghostly or like an egg.  I was determined to find another solution. I therefore decided on a champagne colored dress instead of white.

All pictures credit: shaima al-khalili photography

 ''A piece of advice I would give other brides is to try to be original and incorporate some of their own touches to their wedding''

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