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Rabia Z Tutorials

All you Rabia Z fans will be eager to know that the website has recently been redesigned with online shopping facilities, though stock is still in the process of being added. A lot of you also requested tutorials for the hijab styles that Rabia Z herself wears, as well as the models in her fashion shows. And you've got just that; check out the Rabia Z. TV YouTube channel.

This video below shows how to wrap the Signature Jersey Sheyla. I can vouch for the fact that these scarves are brilliant; the fabric is really high quality and soft to the touch, and best of all you don't need pins to keep it in place! Strangely enough, when I received my jersey sheyla from Rabia Z, I was experimenting with styles and came up with something almost identical. I really am a wrap-and-go kinda girl, and this style I also found is ideal for when using a stethoscope, so I'm wrapping it like this quite often these days.

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